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Fanfic CharacteristicsEdit

When making a fanfic, please remember to add them to the following categories below:

Basic CharactersEdit

  • Fanfics starring Tom and Jerry
  • Fanfics starring Tom without Jerry
  • Fanfics starring Jerry without Tom
  • Fanfics starring Droopy and Dripple
  • Fanfics starring Spike and Tyke
  • Fanfics starring Wild Mouse
  • Fanfics starring the Mouse Scouts
  • Fanfics starring Bernie Bird
  • Fanfics starring Slowpoke Antonio
  • Fanfics starring Tim Kitten
  • Fanfics starring Calaboose Cal
  • Fanfics starring Karl and Lucy
  • Fanfics starring the Chase School Students
  • Fanfics starring any girl characters (except Miss Vavoom)
  • Wild-Card Fanfics (What are they?)
  • Crossover Fanfics from the following TV shows (or franchise):
    • Disney Characters (important: Mickey & Friends, Pooh & Friends, Disney Princesses, Disney Villains all belonging to the main group, excluding Big Bad Wolf, Pete, & Mortimer Mouse)
    • The Powerpuff Girls
    • Tiny Toon Adventures (made specially for CartoonLover)
    • Plants vs Zombies (they must also go to PvZFF Wiki)
    • Angry Birds
    • Pound Puppies

Administrator ExtrasEdit

  • Fanfics starring characters not listed above
  • Crossover fanfics from the following:
    • Disney characters not listed above (Disney Villains in the major members category can be used by rollbacks)
    • Club Penguin
    • Cartoon Network franchises not listed above

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