(The episode starts with Tom, Jerry, and Tyke snowboarding down a hill and the girls iceskating in a rink, while Tim and Bernie are drinking hot cocoa and eating some homemade brownies.)

Tom: Hey guys, watch this! (handstands on his snowboard) Yahoo!

Jerry: Ha ha! Nice move Tom. But can you do this? (does a triple flip but then loses his balance) Whoaaa, uh oh! Wahh! (crashes onto a pine tree) Ooof!

(Soon, a huge pile of snow lands on Jerry. Tom and Tyke stopped and hopped off their snow boards and ran over to Jerry)

Tyke: Jerry, are you alright?

Jerry: (his head pops out of the snowdrift and a circle of stars float upon his head) Uhh, yeah, I'm fine guys. (shakes his head and rubs his forehead) In fact, I'm cool.

(Tom, Tyke, and Jerry laughs when suddenly, they hear a cry for help under the snowdrift. The trio runs to wear the crying was and dug the creature out. It was a lynx, a snow lynx.)

Tom: (gasps) It's a snow lynx!

Jerry: Oh my gosh! Are you okay? I'm very sorry.

The snow lynx: (shivers buts manages to get up on her paws) It's okay, I'm fine. And it's very nice to meet some nice new friends. I'm Lyra, the princess of the snow lynxes.

Tyke: Well, it's nice to meet you, Lyra.