The gang is on a summer vacation in Paris with White Tabby's aunt, Aunt Florence, who invited them. They enjoyed a very nice vacation, like helping the aunt with the designs for her fashion set, shopping for new clothes, jewelry, souvineurs, and postcards to send to their families,eating some tasty food, seeing some great sights like the Eiffel Tower, and playing or relaxing in the park.

The next day, Aunt Florence received a letter from Princess Rosemary, the princess cat of Paris, France. It said that she need her help because her precious, and priceless, perfume bottle that holds a sweet smelling fragrance has been stolen. White Tabby tells and her friends come down to see what's happening, and that Aunt Florence tells them that the priceless perfume bottle has been stolen. She grabs her detective bag that holds her magnifying glass, pen, notepad, camera, and notebook, and puts on her dectective hat. She explains to White Tabby's friends that she is not only a fashion designer, but also Paris's great detective who loves to solve a good mystery. Tabby and her friends want to come, but Aunt Florence says that they can't go because this mystery might be dangerous for little kids like them. But Tabby says that they are good at solving mysteries too, and finally she agrees.

As they arrived at the princess's castle, they go into her room and find Princess Rosemary lying on her bed, weeping. She sees Aunt Florence and the kids and greets them with a handshake. She invites them to tea and cookies and explains how her perfume bottle was stolen.

Princess Rosemary explains that last night, when she was done with her evening bath, she was about to spray some of her perfume when her perfume bottle was gone. Tyke asks what her perfume smelled liked and the princess tells them that her perfume smells like roses with a hint of pink lilies and cherry blossoms. Aunt Florence gives Tyke a wink of thanks and writes down the first hint on her notepad. Then Princess Rosemary explains that her perfume bottle was pink with golden metal, decorated with colorful flowers, leaves, and butterflies as Aunt Rosemary wrote down the second hint. And last but not least, Princess Rosemary said that the thief was wearing a black scarf, a dark chocolate hat and coat. Aunt Florence took out her notebook and drew the thief with the same clothes he was wearing.

After she was done, Princess Rosemary also gave them a clue that might help them catch the thief; a torn piece of his coat. Tyke offered the assistance and sniffed it.